Is your internet restricted is a free VPN that cares about your privacy. Read about how we make money here.




At the heart of is security. is built on the industry standard OpenVPN protocol, and utilises standard RSA 2048bit and AES-256bit encryption. Connections to and from our API server containing privileged information are also encrypted with unique RSA 2048bit keypairs.


We respect your privacy, and because of this we don't sell your data. Unlike traditional free VPNs we don't harvest, mine or collect your data for monetary purposes. You can read about how we make money here.

Ease of use

All connections to our network are made using our proprietary client. This simplifies the connection process - simply download, choose a location and connect! No signup required. We don't even need to know your name.

Full device tunneling

We're not a web or browser proxy. All traffic going from your computer whilst connected to our VPN will be routed securely through our servers in an encrypted fashion. Enjoy the benefits of a system wide kill switch and full application support.

We ask for no personal information.

None. You are nothing more to us than a string of randomly generated letters and numbers assigned to your connection at the time of creation. It's a bit insensitive, we know.


How do you make money?

To connect to our network you must first choose a location from a webpage opened by the client. This webpage is monetized with a few, unobtrusive advertisements. Our income is generated from the revenue created by these advertisements.

Can I use my own client?

Technically yes, but we don't support it. There's a few reasons why this is the case. Primarily, it's because of the issues it creates when trying to diagnose issues. Having one standardised application means limiting the number of factors which can differ from user to user. Also, alternative applications aren't built to query our API to retrieve OpenVPN config files.

Is (application/service/website/etc) permitted?

We don't actively monitor what you do, so we're unable to prohibit anything.

What DNS servers do you use?


How can I contact you?

Use the Support button at the top, or click here. We aim to reply to all queries within 24 hours.

What data do you collect?

We don't monitor what you do whilst connected to our VPN. When creating the request to connect to our servers we log your IP address and the time and date of the connection, as well as your public key. This information can't be linked to anything you do whilst connected to

What locations do you offer?

The locations we offer change frequently. For the most up to date information download the client and create a connection request. There are no restrictions on any of our servers, bandwidth or otherwise.

You're a free VPN, how can I trust you? How do I know you're not a honeypot?

An extremely fair question, and the simple answer is this - you shouldn't and you don't. We expect this to not only be the way you perceive us, but also other free and paid VPNs. is a tool to bypass restrictions and protect yourself from free Wi-Fi, not to whistleblow the NSA. Whilst commercial VPNs can be used to offer you privacy from prying network administrators they are not an end all be all solution to internet privacy. This, however, isn't to say that we're doing anything nefarious (we're not), however it is literally impossible for us to prove that at any given time we're not constantly recording every website you visit.

Where are you based?